by Bill Desert Dawg1 Heintz

Reflecting on the above title,  I notice it might seem a bit like Yoda (Blog I must) but let’s just get started here.

The off season in hockey, AKA the Silly Season, is not my favourite…but many people love it. They thrive on the baseless rumour, the endless speculation or just trash talking every other team’s off season moves. Any internet board reveals the true off-season junkie. To borrow from Seinfeld, they contribute a  hundred posts a month about…Nothing! The wonderful thing is, that they don’t have any actual games to base an opinion on. Ah but to speculate. Will he sign, won’t he sign? Whose defense is the best? Who will win the division? Of course no one asks who will win the cup (because we all think Detroit is just too bloody powerful) but everyone is secretly planning the parade route.

The worst of these posts is the trade proposals. May we send you a combination of our garbage – say Stoll and Rollie, for maybe Malkin…and a pick!
Yes, it’s easy to sit back and criticize because for most hockey fans, the off season is interminable. But at least we have the internet. Back in the old days (well, after the original six, but before Bill Gates became so despised for his luck and his wealth) we had to exist on the monthly The Hockey News that appeared in the summer before they returned to their weekly format in the fall.

Now, we can sit around and while away the summer hours reading rumour boards, chat

legitimate media online. And summer outings? Ha! The outdoors is now defined as the space between the house and the car!

So will he sign with the Canucks or will he stay in Toronto? Those are the only two choices because anyone who follows hockey knows that Montreal is not a real contender in this the year of their Centennial. Mats will stay home or head to the west coast…And Montreal, well he obviously knows the difference between a contender and a one year wonder.


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