by Ron Spence

The Victoria Cougars won the Stanley Cup in 1925, but lost to the Montreal Maroons in 1926.

The West Coast Hockey League then folded, and the valued players were purchased by both old and new NHL teams.

A group of 26 investors, led by a Mr. Charles Hughes purchased the Cougars, and moved them to a new franchise in the mid-West.

To which city did they relocate?

Ontario Athletic Association

Montreal Athletic Association


But, their arena wasn’t ready, and they had to play across the bridge, in the Windsor’s Border Cities Arena. The Cougars lost to Boston, and went on to a pathetic 12-28-4 season’s record.

Things would improve, however, when league icon Jack Adams took over the following season, and they moved into their new Detroit Olympia.

The Cougars became the Detroit Falcons a few years later, and when James Norris purchased the team in the early ’30s, he renamed them a second time.

The Red Wings were named after the winged wheel insignia of Norris’s old Montreal Athletic Association hockey team.

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