by Ron Spence

As noted in the previous article, the Kootenays have had a rich hockey tradition going back some 115 years.

The first NHL player of significance to hail from the Kootenays, was Cecil “Tiny” Thompson, who would win four Vezina Trophies.

Since that time, many players have followed, some of the better known being the Niedermayer brothers, and Steve Yzerman, all of whom came from Cranbrook.

And, if you take a careful look at the Stevie Y picture, on the side of the Detroit building, you will see that the company acknowledges his Kootenay heritage.

There is also an NHL coach, Tom Renney from Cranbrook, and an NHL GM, Steve Tambellini from Trail.

I have listed only the players from the major areas of the Kootenays.

Also included are any members of the Kootenay Ice, who were drafted by an NHL team, or have played, or are playing in the NHL.

If anyone has been omitted – from the smaller areas, or a larger town – please write their names in the LEAVE A COMMENT field below, and they will be added to the list.


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