by Ron Spence

Wikipedia claims that only one man has won the Stanley Cup as a player, coach, and manager. Who is that player?

And, because Wikipedia has been given false information, who is the second person to win the coveted Cup in all three capacities?

Jack Adams won a Stanley Cup with the Ottawa Senators after the 1926-27 season. He had also been a member of the Toronto Arenas, and played during the 1918 post-season, but wasn’t allowed to dress in the finals.

Adams won the Stanley Cup as both a Coach and Manager for the Red Wings in 1936-37-43.

He also won the Cup, solely as the Manager in 1950-52-54-55.

Art Ross won his first Cup in 1907, with the Kenora Thistles, and again the following year, with the Montreal Wanderers.

He coached the Boston Bruins to the 1939 and 1941 Cups, and was Boston’s GM for the Cups in 1929-39-41.


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