by Ron Spence

If you surveyed hockey fans from all 30 franchises, and asked them which club was the most bazaar, I would wager that 80 to 90% would agree that the New York Islanders are the weirdest of the weird.


GARY GLITTER PHOTO TAKEN ON JUNE 15, 2006 - courtesy of Julian Abram Wainwright

Now we find out that the Islanders have been using Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2 (The Hey Song)” every time their team has scored.

Things are going to change, however.

Chris Dey, the Islanders’ team president informed the Islandermania message board that “The Hey Song” will no longer be used to celebrate Islanders’ goals.

But knowing the Islanders, they’ll probably replace it with “Beat It!” or some other Michael Jackson ditty.


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