by Ron Spence

Patrick Roy holds a number of NHL records. Two of them are: the most games played – 1029 – and career wins – 551. These will become Martin Brodeur‘s  by the end of the 2008-09 season.

Two former Canucks are in the Top 30 of the most games played. Sean Burke has played the 12th most NHL games with 820, and Felix Potvin is 30th with 635 games played. Also, the same two netminders are in the Top 35 of Career Wins. Sean Burke is 19th with 324, and Felix Potvin is 34th with 266.

We have three trivia questions.

1. Gump Worsley holds the NHL record for the most losses with 352. Which two former Canucks’ goalies – in addition to Burke and Potvin – are in the Top 25 of the most games lost?

2. Which two former Canucks’ goalies – who also played in the World Hockey Association – are in the Top 5 of the most games lost in the defunct league?

3. Patrick Roy faced more pucks than anyone in NHL history – 28353 shots. Name five goalies – who have worn a Canucks’ jersey – who are in the NHL’s Top 25 of the most pucks faced.

1. Career Losses: Sean Burke is 5th with 341 losses, but Kirk McLean is 23rd with 262 [although 32nd in games played], and Gary Smith 24th [although 46th in games played] with 261 losses. Felix Potvin is tied for 25th with 260 “Ls.”

2. WHA Losses: John Garrett was first with 151 and Richard Brodeur was 4th with 114. But Brodeur was also 2nd with 165, and Garrett was 5th with 148 wins. And Garrett was 2nd in the WHA’s records book with 14 shutouts.

3. Pucks Faced: Sean Burke is 6th with 23299, Felix Potvin 15th with 17864, Kirk McLean 18th with 16882, and Arturs Irbe 25th with 15033 shots on goal.

The fifth goalie in this group is Roberto Luongo, who is 24th with 15060 shots on the net – in his eight years plus career.

(Related to these figures are saves. Patrick Roy holds the record with 25807. Sean Burke is 6th with 21009, and Felix Potvin is 15th with 16170 saves. Kirk McLean is 19th with 14,978, and Arturs Irbe is 25th with 13520 saves. Roberto is 23rd with 13836 saves.).

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