by Ron Spence

Big George Parros loves to dance. He thinks he’s the Fred Astaire of the NHL.

George was second overall with 18 fighting majors during the 2005-06 season. The following campaign, he was 1st with 18 tilts once again, and last year he dropped to 3rd with 23 battles.

Parros has seldom danced with the Canucks. He hasn’t had to….

He fought Brookbank on November 17, 2005 after he had hit Ohlund, and Wade took exception (But, the Canucks let Wade go because he didn’t skate well enough.).

Parros later fought – now teammate – Nate McIver, when the latter was trying to make the Canucks, during the 2007 pre-season.


courtesy of grishockey.files.wordpress.com

Big George seldom battled the Canucks, but he intimidated them – kept them from concentrating on their game.

He doesn’t do that anymore.

Over the past month, Darcy Hordichuk has stomped on his toes twice.

Vancouver’s changing attitude towards fighting and intimidation is evident in the numbers.

Last season, in four games, Anaheim and Vancouver only shared two fighting majors (Brad Isbister fought Brian Sutherby on November 27, 2007. And on December 30, 2007 Mike Brown fought Francois Beauchemin.).

This year, in one regular season game – Hordichuk also fought Parros during the pre-season – there were two fights (Darcy versus George, and Mike Brown fought Ryan Carter.).

And, there would have been at least two more scraps during the Halloween game, but Brad May was out with an injury, and Nathan McIver was a healthy scratch. They would have tangled with Hordichuk, Brown, O’Brien, or Davison (also a healthy scratch).

Vancouver’s recent muscle flexing has impacted two particular stats: goalie interference and hits.

So far this season, Washington’s Chris Clark has been the only rival to interfere with Roberto Luongo or Curtis Sandford (Whereas, Taylor Pyatt has bumped both Calgary’s and Edmonton’s netminders, and Daniel Sedin ran into the Columbus goalie.).

And last season, Vancouver finished 27th in the NHL in hits. Whereas, this campaign, they are 13th overall (courtesy of: stats.hockeyanalysis.com).

Vancouver won’t let their goalie be run, and will protect teammates who hit a rival – no more hit and cower.

You want to dance with Gillis’ boys, take a ticket….

Big George, straighten your shoulders….

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