by Ron Spence

When it came to Sedins bashing, I was near the head of the line.

I didn’t like the way that they: kept falling down; let rivals face wash them; took up ice time which they didn’t deserve, with their quality of play [at the time]; kept cycling and never shot the puck; weren’t sent to the minors when they should have been, etc.

I was wrong.

The Canucks have done some questionable things during their franchise’s history, but at the top of their “good things” list are: Brian Burke’s wheeling and dealing, so that he could draft the twins as a pair; and the team’s nurturing of the boys, through their steep NHL learning curve.

They have become very good players – although, they still have a ways to go.

What makes their success, however, even more tasty to Canucks’ fans, is comparing their careers – to date – with the others from their draft year.

The majority from the top 15 have been a bust.

The only three players – besides the Sedins – to remain in the league are Mike Milbury’s three picks.

Glen Sather had two, but his are in the AHL and Europe.

Data Courtesy of Hockeydb.com – September, 2008


3 responses to “DANIEL AND HENRIK: THE CLASS OF 1999

  1. I think we all felt the same about the Sedins and were particularly critical. An interesting note on who is still around from that draft and the fact the Sedins are a solid second line on any team in the league!

  2. From Iain MacIntyre’s column in the Vancouver Sun: In the last two seasons, Daniel has 158 points and Henrik 157. Mats Sundin, who has left Gillis hanging on a two-year, $20-million offer and whose only contract right now is with an online poker service, has 154 points the last two seasons.

    Only 18 players have outscored the Sedins. There are 30 NHL first lines — by definition, 90 first-line players. So the twins not only score like first-line players, but are among the better ones in the league.

    Barry said it’s “absolutely ridiculous” some people still don’t think Daniel and Henrik are worthy of their roles.

    “All you have to do is pull up the stats from the last three years,” he said. “They could play on the first line on 20 teams out of 30 in the league.”

  3. Hey Ron, I’ve bashed the Sedin bashers for a couple of blogs now and I couldn’t agree more with you. They do so many things right out there and they continually work to improve…that’s the mark of superstars. Gillis seems like a smart guy to me so I’m confident that he sees who these guys are and how valuable they are.

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