Hello my name its Josef Reisenauer from Frankfurt Germany the story I whant the get e-mail contact to Link Gaetz I have meet Link Gaetz 1998 the first time on a flight from vancouver to angorage canada 3000 flight it whos wonderfull.Befor we going to the customs we have good time in this 2 houers flight. I tell him I whont going visit on friend in cordova after we are in angorage we say bye and I have trubel by the customs 2 houers Link coming bag to the airport and say Josef I help you.
so we drive to marias house( Link´s girlfriend)2 days and nights we have so good time I remember I say to Link I whont see him again.2001 I have visit him in mission Bc
and from this time I have no more contact and will be nice the find him again Please wen you can help me the find him or maria please let me know I think he remember me from a werry good friend from germany josef reisenauer

David M. Singer from The Ice Block wrote: March, 2005

While Gaetz has been suspended quite a few times throughout his career I thought this time was certainly special: Last Sunday Thetford Mines had a game against the Verdun Dragons.  Gaetz didn’t have a shift all game and in between the second and third periods he was seen, without his jersey and without skates on, at a concession stand where he ordered a cheeseburger and promptly ate it.  He returned to the bench for the third period.

Thetford Mines said they suspended Gaetz out of respect to the other players on the team, the organization and the league, and that they’ve put too much energy into giving good credibility to the organization and the league to let this incident go without disciplinary action.

Gaetz had 0 goals, 2 assists and 117 PIM in 22 games with Thetford Mines this season.

Chuqui at Two for Elbowing wrote

Gaetz (mentioned the other day) was well on his way past his ability to play hockey at a high level, he only suited up for three games. His fight with alcohol in his life is well-known, unfortunately, alcohol kept winning. When he was with the Sharks, he as almost a prototype of the kind of player you now see in the league with Brashear or Laraque — big, bruising, tough and could actually play some pretty decent hockey. When the knuckles weren’t swollen and bleeding, he had pretty decent hands, and could have had a pretty good career. Unfortunately, off-ice he was pretty much a basket case, and when he had the car accident, that pretty much defined his life and ended any serious NHL career change; it happened around 10AM when the car he was in exited the freeway at way too high a speed and lost control. Gaetz was ejected (no seatbelt) and tried to pulp his brain on the asphalt — and almost succeeded. The accident was alcohol-related (yes, that early in the morning), but the alcohol may also have helped Gaetz survive by keeping him limp during the ejection and landing. He was passenger, not driver, by the way. There were questions at the time, given the severity of the brain damage, whether he’d walk again. He did, but his skating was never the same; by the time he was with the Spiders, he simply didn’t have the mobility any more, he was basically a “stand up and swing” type of guy like Dave Brown.

I normally don’t link to fight videos but this one *is* the Linkster; a classic bout between him and Probert at the Cow Palace

The stories about Link in San Jose are legion — no other player was such a fan favorite in the early days, or so legendary, and while much of what you hear through the fan grapevine on most players is bullshit, with the Linkster, you could see it happening. It’s not unusual for some players to get a rep for howling at the moon a bit, but Link had the reputation for climbing trees to try to beat the moon up because it was staring at him… The only other player with the Sharks that had that kind of “did you hear what he did this time?” rep among the fan rumor mill was Brent Myhres…

Linkster only played 3 games for the Spiders — and had 38 PIM. That pretty much sums it up

As of September 2008, Gaetz was working as a labourer in Alberta’s booming construction industry,


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