by Ron Spence

This quick study was prompted by the fact that 3 of the NHL’s Top Ten goalies – so far this season – were drafted by the Sharks, and with very low picks.

I decided to look at the Top 30 goalies – in wins – a week ago.

I am not claiming that they are the NHL’s best goalies, or are still in the Top Thirty, but are only the subject of this study to see if the San Jose selections were representative, or an anomaly.

In the Top 3o, there were: seven first rounders; five second rounders; three third rounders; one fourth rounder; four fifth rounders; one sixth and seventh rounder; two eight rounders and three ninth rounders

There were also two players who were never drafted (Ty Conklin was signed by Edmonton, and Joey MacDonald by Detroit.).


If you wanted to calculate how many low pick goalies have made it into the NHL – let alone the Top 30 – you would find that it is a miniscule number.

Also, not that many teams that have selected goalies in the low rounds, have kept them on their rosters. The exceptions are: the Sharks, Rangers, Sabres, Stars, Flyers, Devils.

The average Top Thirty goalie – if you wanted to calculate – is Steve Mason of the Blue Jackets, who was selected in the late 3rd round.



  1. It’s interesting to note that Conklin fights more often than Matt Cooke. Pittsburgh fans must realize the will never win anything with Chatty Matty on their roster.

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