by Ron Spence
In the previous trivia blog, we noted that the Washington Capitals and San Jose Sharks own the record for the most consecutive losses, and that the Winnipeg Jets (now the Phoenix Coyotes) have the record for the most games without a win.
So, these three teams must have received some great draft picks. Or you would think that they did.
Who did they get?
The Winnipeg Jets did very well – receiving their franchise player. They drafted Dale Howerchuck 1st overall in 1975 from the Cornwall Royals.
The Caps and Sharks basically blew it.
Washington traded their first overall – 1975 – pick to Philadelphia for Bill Clement, Don McLean and the Flyers’ pick Alex Forsyth – selected 18th overall [McLean and Forsyth were only good enough to play 10 games between them for a bad Capitals’ team.].
In return, the Flyers selected Mel Bridgman.
The Sharks traded their pick to Hartford.
In return, the Sharks received: Sergei Makarov, the 6th overall 1993 pick (Viktor Kozlov) and a 3rd round pick (Ville Peltonen).
Hartford received the Leafs’ 2nd round 1993 pick (Vlastimil Kroupa) and the Sharks 1st round pick – 2nd overall (Chris Pronger).

Kozlov was involved in another trade which resulted in a franchise player. San Jose traded Kozlov to Florida with Florida’s 5th round choice – Jaroslav Spacek – in the 1998 Entry Draft for Dave Lowry and Florida’s 1st round choice (later traded to Tampa Bay – Vincent Lecavalier) in the 1998 Entry Draft.
And with a touch of symmetry, Bridgman became a GM on the level of Washington’s and San Jose’s.
The Sens tied the Sharks for the worst NHL record in the league with 10 wins, 70 lesses and 4 ties and received the 1st overall pick.
Ottawa’s GM Bridgman then drafted Alexander Daigle.
The Sens’ 24 points were 3 points better than the record set by Washington.
Their coach that season?
Canucks’ assistant Rick Bowness.
Writer’s Note: The Sharks traded for Makarov, whom Burke had acquired for a 4th round pick. Igor Lanionov was returning to the NHL from Switzerland, and San Jose was reuniting 2/3 of the old KLM line.
They also tried to bring over Vladimir Krutov, but Vlad the Inhaler was wedged into a buffet in Berne, and Swiss engineers weren’t able to release him in time for the season.

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  1. Vlad later got work as the Pillsbury dough boy before settling into a regular gig as the Michelin Tire Man.

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