Fluto Shinzawa from the Boston Globe:

“The Code dictates that when one combatant goes down in a fight, the other should refrain from throwing punches. But at 14:49 of Thursday’s second period, with the Ducks down, 3-0, Milan Lucic saw Mike Brown tumble forward and hit the deck, but proceeded to hammer him with a barrage of right hands to the back of the head.

That’s because Brown, counter to The Code, had thrown an early right (he was called for instigating, fighting, and a 10-minute misconduct) that tagged an unsuspecting Lucic square on the jaw, prompting the second-year winger to blow his stack.

After the fight, Lucic did not return to the game. He is questionable for today’s matinee against Washington at TD Banknorth Garden, suffering an upper-body injury – the big winger had cuts on his right hand – that occurred during the fight.

The L.A. Times wrote:

“It turned violent in the second period when the Ducks’ Mike Brown punched Milan Lucic in the face, then the Bruins wing took Brown down and bashed him repeatedly in the back of the head while he was on the ice. Sheldon Brookbank came to his teammate’s rescue and Boston’s Marc Savard joined in as well.”

George Parros on the fight:

“I am not going to comment because I didn’t see exactly how it got started.  I don’t know if Brownie [Mike Brown] got the jump on him and that’s how he responded, or he didn’t get the jump and which case it would not be too classy.  I don’t support that at all.  I didn’t take a look at it so I would have to before I could say what happened.”



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