by Ron Spence

We know that there was some Bouwmeester foreplay.

Mike Gillis talked to to Florida Panthers GM Jacques Martin at 5:45 a.m. PST – deadline day.

He was inquiring about Jay Bouwmeester and it was a short conversation.

“I asked him what he needed in return, he told me and it was undoable,” Gillis said. “It was a brief discussion and it didn’t go any further.”

“I don’t think I should say the number [of GMs who called],” Jacques Martin said, “but there were legitimate offers. They were offers that didn’t fulfill our needs. I wanted two players in return, a defenseman who could play in our top four. Some teams thought their defense could play in our top four. Obviously I didn’t. We did have some offers.”

You know that Kevin Bieksa was the “top four” Dman who Martin wanted.

And I would speculate that Ryan Kessler would have been the forward.

The main problem, however, was that Bouwmeester will be an unrestricted free agent in four months.



  1. Yep…great decision by MG. If we could have somehow guaranteed a signed JayBo then it might have been different but Bieksa and a roster player for a rental would have been an huge mistakeo!

  2. Vancouver General Manager Mike Gillis was willing to give up winger Mason Raymond and a first-round pick, the Vancouver Province reported, but when Panthers GM Jacques Martin made it clear he wanted either defensemen Kevin Bieksa or Alex Elder, a potential deal was dead.

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