by Ron Spence

I had been doing some research on those nice hockey fans from the Carolinas and was looking for some pictures on the internet and saw the picture of the little boy wearing a Carolina Hurricanes jersey and giving the finger. And I realized that all of their fans weren’t that friendly. But maybe this kid was from western North Carolina, where they don’t have electricity and you can have an uncle or two who like “pretty chins.”


And then I saw the same kid who was wearing a Red Sox jersey and giving the finger – probably to a Yankees’ player. And then I thought that he was like one of the characters out of a Dennis Lehane novel – from around Mystic River.

What a rough life the kid has had, I thought.


And then I saw the kid again with a Philadelphia Eagles jersey and he was giving the finger for the third time. I thought, boy this kid does travel. I hope he’s collecting his air miles. And he has quite a collection of jerseys: hockey from Raleigh, baseball from Boston and football from Philly – where they really know how to hate (See our article on Philadelphia’s fighting sports fans.).


And then I wondered about his parents because he was traveling to Rotterdam to watch a soccer match. Then it clicked that maybe his father was in the U.S forces and did a lot of traveling.


Which is fine, because the kid is getting an education of sorts. 

I just wish that the people who were playing around with photoshop could’ve removed the jam from the kid’s face.


3 responses to “HAVE HATE WILL TRAVEL

  1. this is why certain insects eat their young

  2. There’s some information on the kid in:
    One footballer wrote: “I remember first time I saw it. It was in 2003 I think, in “L’Equipe Magazine” (biggest french newspaper about sport) but the picture wasn’t cut, and we could see the father of the kameraadje, a big man with a skinhead look face. The father was whistle with his fingers, you know the thing you do when referee did an idiot thing. Well, it was fun, and the picture was with a typical french thing : “Feyenoord dangerous hooligans. They will kill us ! Look a this, kids are also hooligans !”
    The kid’s name is Mikey Wison.

  3. I looked up the name and he’s on a Dutch version of facebook: http://mikeywilson.hyves.nl/
    It shows the father in some pictures.

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