We’ve always enjoyed talking to Andy Murray – he’s a guy who definitely thinks outside the box.

The other day the St. Louis coach listed his most hated sports cliches:

“There’s two words that I hate in hockey: I hate the word momentum, and I hate the word confidence, and I hate when a coach talks about pride – when a player has no pride or no guts or that kind of stuff. If they didn’t have pride and they didn’t have guts, they wouldn’t be in this league.”

“Confidence: I hate that word. You see it all the time when a coach gets fired, ‘Oh geez, he didn’t give me any confidence.’

What’s confidence?

It’s nothing. You can’t pick it off a tree.

Once, I coached one team (at Brandon University). They were talking about confidence, so I gave them all an envelope and I put the word ‘confidence’ in the envelope and said, ‘Here’s your confidence.’

To me, just play good and you’ll feel good. If you played bad, you should feel lousy.”



  1. They still have a shot at the post season, but I think they have a better chance of putting it together next season. Great young talent, good management, excellent coach.

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