We’re reprinting this article – not because we agree with the author – but because we think that it will be the first of many – stating that Phoenix’s emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

It’s unfortunate that the writer didn’t take the time to check Gretz’s stats versus other coaches – both fired and still employed.

And it’s unfortunate that the readers who have responded to Mr. Bordow’s opinion can’t discuss his points rationally.


by Scott Bordow

East Valley Tribune, March 12, 2009

“Another NHL season, another wasted year for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Nothing ever changes in Glendale, does it? The Coyotes brag on their young players, promise that better days are ahead and then sink to the bottom of the standings.

It’s now been six years since the Coyotes have made the playoffs. A franchise has to work really hard to be that bad for that long.

And yet, despite the constant failure, broken promises and empty seats at Jobing.com arena, Wayne Gretzky has more job security than nearly every coach in professional sports.


Yes, Gretzky is the face of the franchise and part owner of the team. But that shouldn’t give him a lifetime pass. It’s time he be held responsible, as well.

Rumor has it Coyotes’ owner Jerry Moyes is in negotiations to sell the club. If that’s the case – and I’ll believe it when the press conference is held – then the new owners need to take a long, hard look at their head coach.

If they truly believe Gretzky has the coaching chops to lead the franchise out of the abyss, or if they believe he’s been hamstrung by a low payroll and less-than-competitive roster, then keep him on. But they can’t be blinded by idolatry or swayed by Gretzky’s past.

No. 99 was a long time ago.”



  1. I think that Gretzky is a coach in training. Pretty hard for a guy with his profile to start in the minors…or heaven forbid, as an assistant coach. But that’s what he should have done. If Gretz stays with it, he has the potential to be a great coach…maybe in Kansas City where the desertdogs will be moving.

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