by Ron Spence

Many hockey fans will remember Guy Charron. He’s one of the guys – along with Mickey Redmond and Bill Collins – who went the other way to Detroit when Frank Mahovlich, was traded to the Habs on January 13, 1971. Charron would have won a Cup that spring with Montreal, but started his career with a series of sub-par teams.

After Detroit, he went to Kansas City and Washington and ended up playing in 734 games without making it to the NHL playoffs.

Charron’s record was broken by Olli Jokinen a few months back. He started with the L.A. Kings during the 1997-98 campaign, and then went to the Islanders, Panthers, Coyotes, and finally the Flames – who should make the playoffs. As of today, he has played in 793 NHL games without appearing in a playoff contest.



courtesy of hfboards.com

David Vyborny played for Columbus and is now in Czech, and unless he returns to the NHL, has a total of 543 NHL games without playoffs.

Derek Armstrong started with the Islanders in 1993-94, before going to Ottawa, the Rangers and the Kings. He will be close to 475 games when this season ends – and next season – will be the highest active player who has never played in the NHL playoffs.

Rusty Klesla has played in 443 games – without reaching the post-season – and is injured but should get some playoff time with the Blue Jackets.



  1. Love the history Ron! May main claim to fame was that,as a pee wee hockey player in Regina Saskatchewan I once checked Ernie Hicke off the puck. O f course it helped that he skated right into me, I fell down and then he fell down and the puck rolled harmlessly into the corner. But, geeze, Ernie Frickin’ Hikie!

  2. One more thing, I understand that Ernie Hickie is now denying this story…probably pretends he doesn’t even remember! But I say, no one forgets a smooth move like the one I made that cold January afternoon.

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