by Ron Spence

This four part blog has discussed only one aspect of hockey and religion – the love and respect shown to departed hockey heroes.

There are a number of other religious elements to hockey as well, and The University of Montreal teaches a course on them.


Before concluding, we should note a few points.

Howie Morenz was mourned in his death, but not always respected while he was alive. During a low-scoring 1933-34 season, the Montreal fans began booing Morenz, which bothered him so much that he went to Leo Dandurand’s office in tears. This resulted in his trade to Chicago.

Markus Naslund said of Luc Bourdon on June 3rd, 2008: “[Luc will be] forever missed in the locker-room at GM place.”

One month later – on July 3rd, 2008 – Naslund signed with the New York Rangers and didn’t return to the ‘nucks’ locker room.

Also, on June 3rd, Steve Tambellini ended a eulogy by saying: “For Luc, it gives us great comfort to know that forever he will be a Vancouver Canuck.”

Seven weeks later, on July 31st, 2008, Tambi signed with the Oilers – and was no longer a Canuck.

So, hockey might be religion, but more important, it’s a business.


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