by desertdawg

So here’s the buzz after game one: from Chicago…we proved we can score on Luongo. They brought their A game, we brought our C game and they barely beat us. We will be much better in game two.

From Vancouver…we got the win…and we need to be better.

Nice. I think that we demonstrated some predictable rust, which more often is shown in the offensive sharpness department. We scored a few goals, but we could have had at least three others with a bit more finish. And just as predictably, our defensive effort was stellar until we ran out of legs in the third period. I think game conditioning is really what suffers in a long layoff and I believe that’s what we saw in the third. And I don’t believe one game is enough to shake it off.

So what about tonight? We need to come out hitting. Play the young Hawks physical. They have one physical line and a couple of hitting D-men. We have a team that can play physical and everyone hits.

Yep, even Mason Raymond and Kyle Wellwood have bounced a couple of guys. Speaking of Welly, it’s nice to see him getting some respect around the league after his play in Round One and then again last game.

And after the best play he made all night, he didn’t even get credited with a point. Watch the goal on Look at the pass that Wellwood makes to Raymond. Long, cross ice and dead on Raymond’s tape. Mason doesn’t even have to break stride to take it. That kind of pass, in that kind of situation!

Geeze of Nazareth.

Conventional wisdom will see your top two lines take on the top lines and particularly the top D men from the opposition. And in the playoffs, that means your third and fourth lines take on a larger role. To have a third line like the BMW take it to another level is most encouraging.

So like I said, we need to come out hitting tonight. We need to establish who’s top dog. Create a leader of the pack mentality. Take everything personal…like the Hawks are trying to steal your wife, your dog and your money.

And then hammer them for it.


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