During the 25 years of the Original Six era, this was the only time a team other than Montreal, Toronto, or Detroit had won the Cup.

Boston would win the Cup twice – following the expansion to 12 NHL teams – and the New York Rangers would beat Vancouver to win the Cup in 1994.

stanley cup


Murray Balfour’s Stanley Cup ring featured a gold Black Hawks Indian head logo surrounded by ten diamonds and the words “Black Hawks World Champions”.

One shank included a “C” and crossed tomahawks with “1960” above, while the likeness of Lord Stanley’s trophy and “1961” are on the other.

Stamped “Balfour 10K” on the inside band, the ring is size 12 1/2.


One response to “CHICAGO’S LAST CUP – 1961

  1. I still remember it as the first time I saw the Cup awarded on TV and have been a Hawk fan ever since! Hoping for good things this year but at least 2 -3 Cups in the next five years!

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