by desertdawg
Before both of our wins against Chicago I had stated the reasons I thought we would catch the Hawks in an over confident mood. Lucky to get it right sometimes. They were fat and sassy and we made them pay. But I don’t think that they’ll have that attitude tonight.
In the first game we were playing a team that easily dispatched an injury riddled Calgary team. The Hawks were just full of themselves. In game three, the Hawks were finally back at home and basking in the glory of putting six goals behind the hometown Canucks. Once again they believed their own BS.
But the Hawks know they were a hairsbreadth away from losing game four. They won’t be over confident tonight.
So, what kind of game will we play and what kind of game will they play tonight?

We have been dominant at home for more than three months now. We squashed the Hawks a few times in our rink. We know we can ply a furious forecheck into goals. What kind of game do the Hawks respond with…what will be their game plan?
Oh sure, they’ll try to get pucks deep, make high percentage plays, get traffic in front of Roberto, yada, yada, blah. But the Hawks have seemed a bit one dimensional to me this year.

The Canucks, like Detroit, can play more than one style. I haven’t seen that in the Chicago youngsters yet. Maybe it is because they haven’t had to.
Their road game has been pretty successful at times. I remember watching them dismantle Edmonton 9-2 in the Oilers’ barn. I’d argue the Oil never recovered from that.
So playing tight checking, team defense hasn’t been a priority for these guys. And maybe they can get away with that balls to the wall approach against our boys tonight.
And maybe they can’t.



  1. Dawg:
    My prediction.
    Mats Sundin breaks out tonight.

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