by desertdawg

Well, I got home late, watched the DVR of the game and had more than a few brandies. The game made me sick.

So it’s now Sunday morning as I write this. I don’t want to say too much about the result, because everyone knows it already. It wasn’t the PP goal in the last five minutes. Hell, in a sense, it wasn’t even the result that bothered me. It was the way we played from the opening face off. These guys took it to us in our barn. Sure we tied it up and even took the lead on Mats Sundin’s jaw dropping shot from the left face off circle.
But when the game required character.

When the game required discipline.

We did not deliver.

And that’s what made me sick. I haven’t seen that lack of commitment for a long time with this team. I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter who the other team is or how good they are. If we play our game, then it won’t matter. We didn’t play our game…it’s that simple. And in game five of the Stanley Cup semi-finals, that is just unacceptable.

We have a chance to redeem ourselves on Monday. It will be an awfully long and anxious summer if we blow this. Our best players have to be better.
To a man, they must know they must.

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