by desertdawt

Everyone has there own take on what went wrong. Some people blame the undisciplined play of our defense, particularly Bieksa and SOB. Stupid penalties at the worst possible time. Some go back a game earlier and blame big Willie for making a half assed clearing attempt that lead to Havlat grabbing the puck and firing it past Roberto. Some fans are blaming Roberto, by the way, for that same goal. Eminently savable shot that Luongo just plain muffed.
Others have turned their sights on the forward lines. No scoring from Daniel Sedin or Alex Burrows. No second line threat. The third line threat (meaning Wellwood) has all but disappeared. We don’t play with the puck so we are always on defense.
But I am a one note commentator here.

It’s a team game.

And if ever there was a team failure, it was game five. I was so pissed off by the team “effort” that I couldn’t even write about it until the next day. Chicago outplayed us. From the opening face off. In our barn. I could not stand it. I had a few brandies, sure, but that wasn’t what made me feel sick. It wasn’t even the lack of effort. It was the sense of entitlement. We got our split in Chicago and now we will take game five at home. No problema. But that wasn’t the Hawk’s game plan. They took it to us and forced us to respond.
And we did respond. But we spent the night reacting…not enacting. And if we play that way tonight, it’s obviously the start of golf season for the boys. But if we man up, we will take ‘em.

Yeah, I believe we are a better team. But lots of times the better team loses. Ask San Jose. Being the better team won’t help us unless we take it to them tonight. From the opening face off.
In their barn.


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