by desertdawg

I started out the night writing the usual blow by blow description. We take a lead…they come back. They take the lead…we come back.
But I kept thinking each time well, if Roberto shuts the door we‘ve got a great chance…I thought that so many times this year.

And he shut the door.

Big Lou did that for us.

And tonight, he didn’t.

Every time he had the chance. He didn‘t shut the door…

Fans have criticized the Sedins as being soft. But Daniel showed up with two big goals.

And that’s not all. Sundin showed up. Wellwood showed up. Raymond even…showed up.

Ohly, my favourite whipping boy…showed up tonight.

But Roberto did not.
And that is all.


9 responses to “SERIES TWO: GAME SIX – THE GAME

  1. roberto tried his best so what if he dident stop 7 shots it’s not like habebulan stop every single shot.why do u blame roberto he’s the best goalie the canucks have ever seen so dont say he dident shut the door when he tried his best

  2. Roberto is the reason that the Canucks made it this far and dawg isn’t doubting that but he did not live up to his billing as one of the games elite goalies in the biggest game of the year. 7 goals allowed rarely wins.

  3. It’s all about debth people. Moving up 2 third liners in Kesler and Burrows to the top 2 lines may have fooled some people against St. Louis, but against Chicago who have 4 very solid lines, makes matchups almost impossible and can wear players thin. It’s no surprise that leads were dumped in the third period game after game. Putting Kesler and Burrows in the top six is like putting lipstick on a pig. They are probably 2 of the top 10 3rd liners in the game but a team that has to play these two in the top six has debth problems.

  4. Overated let us down in these playoffs ,and the stretch drive last year.Thinks way to much of his own ability,cockiness tiresome(e.g trashtalking Byfegulen in post game interview).Trade for Price and other assets,and rid of 7 mill.Montreal would give up the farm for hometown boy.Adios Roberto

    • How can any of you say that?? Bobby played his game the best he could. Hes the reason this team HAD a chance. Yes he let in 7 goals, but they were only 7 shots outa the whole set. When you let a team like that out thats what you get. You should all be ashamed of yourselfs, he is a great player, one of the best goalies in the league and the best the canucks have ever had.
      Trade for Price?? LOL are you F*&%in insane?? why dont you just put a freaking Canadian Tire Goalie cut out in net.

      All in all, they had a great season, and a good run, better then they have had in a while, He played well, he let some goals in, thats allowed, hes only human, seems to me your all pointing fingers at 1 person… one is to blame, we got out played, he did his best, lets not crucify him for it, Typical Vancouver fans, lose a game get rid of them. Get off the wagon!!!!

  5. There is no doubt that Roberto is the reason that Canucks have gone this far in the playoff series. But let’s face it, this was a crucial game for the Canucks and the Captain of the team just didn’t step up to the plate when they needed him the most.

  6. Well said. Yeah, there were some unfortunate goals, but three glove side is disappointing, and 2 others were stoppable. He looked real good in the 1st, maybe that screwed up his mind, hard to tell though as you don’t make it as far as Luongo has without serious mental toughness.

  7. if you ask me, Byfuglien! We have nobody tough enough to punish him for the way he punishes Luongo. He DOES get into Luo’s head. Third period slash across Luo’s face and nobody makes him pay. Where’s Bertuzzi? I for one want him back!

  8. Dan I totally agree. I don’t blame Luoi. He didn’t play as good as he could but showing toughness and defing the opponents on the ice isn’t his job.
    sad thing but life goes on…
    we’ll do it one day. maybe next year.

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