by Ron Spence

I’ve seen players implode before.

I was at GM Place the two nights when McSorley whacked Brash, and Bertuzzi attacked Moore.

Sometimes the pressure’s just too much – regardless of the talent level.

Roberto had a continuous brain cramp – two nights ago – up there with Steve Smith and Bill Bugner.

And it’s disappointing – after investing a year of your time and emotions in the Canucks – to have the season end with a whimper rather than a bang.

But, then I got to thinking. I was remembering when my pal Stan Fischler was complaining about Marty Brodeur a couple of playoffs back. And I remembered other goalies who imploded – maybe not for 7 goals in one game – but for one season-ending series.

So, I charted those recent goalies: who won the Conn Smythe Trophy, plus those puck stoppers who lead the NHL in all time goals against averages, and save percentages.

I took Roberto’s .914 save percentage and 2.52 goals against average – for this post-season – and compared them with various years of the greats.

Those percentages marked in red were lower than Luongo’s save percentage this playoff. Those goals against averages marked in green were higher than Roberto’s goals against this post-season.

Both Patrick Roy’s and Martin Brodeur’s post-season histories are interesting to note.

Snapshot 2009-05-13 07-42-31

Snapshot 2009-05-13 07-44-55

Snapshot 2009-05-13 07-46-10

As is apparent, a number of the above goalies had a sub-standard playoff or two.

We must remember this when judging the Canucks’ captain.


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