by Ron Spence

The Chicago Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups since they entered the NHL during the mid-20s.

The most recent one was in 1961. The first one was in 1934, and the second in 1938.

Which Stanley Cup record – held by the Blackhawks – will never be broken?

The years that Chicago won the Stanley Cup, they were never the NHL’s best team during the regular season.

In 1934, they had the third most points – 20 17 11 51 in the nine team league. Toronto and Detroit had finished with more points.

In 1961, they again finished with the third most points during the regular season – 29 – 24 – 17 – 75. Toronto and Montreal finished with more points in the six team league.

They won their second Cup in 1938, and had the worst regular season record of any team to ever win the Cup.

Chicago won only 14 games, versus 25 losses and 9 ties, during the 1937-38 season.

That’s a .36 win percentage, and a team today can’t make it into the post-season with a .500 win percentage.

This past winter, Minnesota didn’t make it into the playoffs with a 40 33 9 89 record – in 82 games. Also, Florida didn’t reach the post-season with a 41 30 11 93 points.

Chicago’s record will never be broken.


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