by Ron Spence

The NHL was created in 1917 with the sole purpose of keeping one man out of the NHA.

His name was Eddie Livingstone – owner of the Toronto Blueshirts – and he was causing president Frank Calder and his three other owners nothing but trouble.

So, the three teams – under Calder’s direction – formed a new four team circuit, with a new franchise in Toronto called the Arenas.

Some ninety plus years later, Gary Bettman is “trying his darndest” to keep Jim Balsillie out of his league.


As an offshoot from all of this nonsense, Bettman has given some Winnipeg citizens hope of another NHL team.

The following are some of the comments made by ‘pegers:

Picture 1courtesy of arsenisms.blogspot


Picture 5

Picture 6courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press


Picture 3from the Winnipeg Free Press


Picture 4courtesy of Winnipeg Sun



Who would’ve thought 90 years ago that some guy who had made something called a blackberry would be offering $212.5 million for one of 30 NHL teams – a number spread throughout the southern part of the U.S.



  1. Bettman promised the owners a salary cap and a major presence nationallly in the USA. He is responding to the ownerrs wish to keep the southern teams…against all logic. A team in Winnipeg and a team in southern Ontario would rescue the NHL from economic suicide.
    But I’ll believe it when I see it.

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