“I think there were some major adjustments that I had to make,” Cory Schneider said. He was answering a question about his first season in Manitoba. 

“I think you feel like you kind of feel like you know everything, and you can keep doing what you had been doing in school, and you’re going to be successful. But I learned pretty quickly that it’s a different level and it’s better hockey here. So I think I just had to make a mental adjustment, kind of have a reality check with myself and say you need to start working harder and preparing yourself mentally better, and pay attention to the details more, and you just need to be on the ice and in games to see the situations and learn how to read them. It was a whole combination of things. I might have taken it for granted early on, but then I realized quickly that I had to be better.’

Snapshot 2009-06-01 01-07-36courtesy of


For Cory’s answers to other questions: CORY SCHNEIDER CHATROOM


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