by Ron Spence

Michael Grabner is on his game.

With his two tallies and an assist on saturday night, he has 4 goals and 2 assists in 3 games. And, he also has a four goals in 2 games streak going.

“Grabner’s game is all speed,” Hockey’s Future writes. “One of the faster open-ice

skaters in whatever league he’s playing in, he uses his superb speed to find openings

and create scoring opportunities.”

Grabner was drafted in the first round – 14th overall – by the Canucks in the 2006

NHL Entry Draft, and has been a work in progress – until now.

“You’ve got to show him some respect and you have to be aware of him,” said Hershey’s Coach Bob Woods. “We talked about him in our meetings and that was the frustrating thing about it. He did exactly what we thought he was capable of doing.”

It will be interesting to see how Hershey reacts to Grabner, and how the young Austrian copes with the sudden attention.

2 responses to “GRABNER GETS RESPECT

  1. The last time I remember the Canucks having the semblance of a kid line was when rookies Curt Frazer and Stan Smyl made the jump to the show to play with Thomas Gradin. Be nice to see Grabner and Hodgson play well enough to make the jump next year.

  2. For about five minutes they had a line that I liked. I think that it was Schaefer, Drukken and Matt Cooke, or maybe Josh Holden.
    I played quite well for 10 or 15 games at the end of another bad Canucks’ season.

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