We hear about the difficulties of AHL bus travel.

But, even their airplane travel can be a pain.


Hershey’s John Walton writes:

“We didn’t exactly have the easiest travel night home after the game Tuesday either. We headed to the airport immediately after the game, and departed just prior to midnight central time. Because Winnipeg and Harrisburg lack 24-hour customs service, we had to re-enter the U.S. at an airport that did. In our case, we put the wheels down in Detroit. We pulled up to the gate at Detroit Metro, only to find that the jetway was broken. The ground crew displayed what I will generously call a lack of motivation in solving this problem, as I could plainly see out my window seat. I’m not kidding, I watched the person in question at the controls of the jetway for 15 minutes. She’d play with the lever for a minute, stare at it, play with it again. I could see the phone three feet from her from the inside of the plane, and only after about 20 minutes did she decide it was time to call the bullpen for relief. They never did get the jetway to work, so they hooked up a ladder so that we could step down and out onto the tarmac. Led into the customs office, they took all our bags off to “inspect” them, only to put them back on the plane after an hour. Once through customs, we were officially back in the U.S. (cue Lee Greenwood and Kate Smith) but now had to re-enter security to head back to our gate. All of this between the hours of 3:00 and 5:15 a.m. eastern time Tuesday morning. With short flights from Winnipeg to Detroit and Detroit to Harrisburg, it’s safe to say no one in our traveling party slept much last night.


The sun was already up when we landed in Harrisburg, and I’m certain I’ve never been happier to see HIA than I was when we pulled up at the old terminal to get on the bus. All I can say to the Moose today is good luck with your commercial flight followed by a two and a half hour bus ride. Even with the charter on the return after the game, it’s not always easy.”


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