by Ron Spence

Those people who run the Giant Center – home of the Bears – know a good thing when they see it.

They know that the Hershey fans love their team and to drink beer – not necessarily in that order.

So, they will be opening their arena on friday night so that Bears’ supporters can watch Game 6 of the Calder Cup Finals from Winnipeg.

ABC-27 television will be piped in for the event.

Now, the first clue: The doors will be opening at 7:30 and the game will be starting an hour later.

The thing is, you have to pay the arena employees anyways, so why not get in an extra hour of drinking.

Beers sales were really up for the three game series against the Moose.

“Admission is free,” announcer John Walton writes, “food and beverage is available as well as plenty of Calder Cup merchandise and wouldn’t you rather be around your fellow Chocolate and White backers?”

Now, I have a suggestion: Philadelphia’s only 90 miles away, so why not contact some of the S & M Clubs there.

They’ll have members who will gladly come and sit on the visitors’ bench, while Hershey fans shout abuse and pour beer on them.

And for those particularly bad boys and girls, there’s always the penalty box.

It’ll be like a typical Bears’ home game….


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