by Ron Spence

Today’s Stanley Cup rings are garish (Read THE BLINGING OF LORD STANLEY’S RINGS.). 

On some of the chat sites, they’re saying that they resemble basketball rings. 

I personally think that the Bball rings show better taste.

I decided to compare the rings – from all the North American major league sports – and stretched it by including the CFL.

I started the comparison in 1994. There was no World Series that year, so I used the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays’ ring.

The New York Rangers’ ring looks like it’s from some small town high school.

The Forty-Niners ring shows the direction that rings will be going: details on the sport, the season and the playoffs:

New York Rangers – Stanley Cup Champions – 1993-94


Toronto Blue Jays – World Series Champions – 1993


The San Francisco Forty-Niners – Super Bowl Champions – 1994


The tableau features five NFL championship trophies, representing San Fran’s fifth Super Bowl. One shank includes the enamel 49ers’ and the NFL’s 75th anniversary logos, along with a Super Bowl XXIX logo, the game’s final score and “QB” engraved into a football. Images of five championship trophies appear on the other shank with “Young – MVP” above and “49ers 16-3” beneath. 

The Houston Rockets – NBA Champions – 1993-94


The B.C. Lions – Gray Cup Champions – 1994

grey cup-94


I have also included the rings from the major league sports – for the past decade. 

All are garish, although as I say, I like the basketball rings the best.

Snapshot 2009-05-31 03-10-32

Picture 4

courtesy of

Snapshot 2009-05-31 03-12-35

Snapshot 2009-05-31 02-12-01Snapshot 2009-05-31 02-07-14

courtesy of

Snapshot 2009-05-31 03-11-40

Los Angeles Lakers – 2001


Detroit Pistons – 2004

Snapshot 2009-05-31 03-56-49

A half-karat diamond is used inside the trophy. Overall, there are 114 or 115 diamonds on the ring.  There is also a basketball image on the shank, and if a player had been with the Pistons for all three championships, he had three trophies incorporated on the side of his ring.

Miami Heat – 2006


San Antonio Spurs – 2007



Boston Celtics – 2008



For an informative article on the championship rings market, read ESPN.



courtesy of

How big is this Celtics ring?

Well, President of Basketball Operations, Danny Ainge is 6’4″, and was a shooting guard – and thus has large hands. 

Even his mitt is dwarfed by this ring.

Maybe it would look normal on Kevin Garnett.


Wearing a championship ring is like a woman wearing her wedding dress to work – in my opinion.

Unless, of course, you’re the coach and it’s game 7, and you walk into the dressing room wearing your ring…then garish be damned.


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