On June 4, 2008, the Penguins lost to the Detroit Red Wings in Pittsburgh. When the Conn Smythe trophy was awarded to Henrik Zetterberg, Penguin fans did not boo. When the Stanley Cup was presented to team captain Nicklas Lidstrom, again, Penguins fans did not boo. The Red Wings fans response to the Penguins winning last week was appalling. This was in Hockeytown? Seems losing brings out the worst in some of you.

Picture 8

Take this in the best way intended; you are the Flyer fans of the West!

Diane Carney, Pittsburgh


Dear Ms. Carney:

You have offended a small core of Vancouver Canucks fans. They don’t just boo. They throw things onto the ice. 

Remember, actions speak louder than boos.

And these guys are the true Flyers fans of the West.

Yours, Crashing the Goalie


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