by Ron Spence

How much money do you want, Daniel?

How much money do you need, Henrik?

When you return to Sweden – six or seven years from now – how big a portfolio do you want?

The Leafs are supposedly going to offer you as high as $7 million per year.

“The Leafs are probably willing to hit the salary target unless it goes over $7 million per,” writes Damien Cox, “but they would be likely unwilling to do anything longer than six years per twin.

The Canucks should go as high as $6 mill.

“If the Canucks could nudge their offer to $6 million annually, they’d probably have a deal,” writes Iain MacIntyre.

Do you need to go where the best money is?


Hockey Zone Plus tells us that each of you have made $12,090,000 so far.

If you sign with the Leafs for that extra $1 million a year, you will have earned almost $61 million by the time that you retire – after say another seven seasons – when you’re 36 years old.

If you accept the Canucks’ offer you will have made nearly $54 million over a similar period of time.

Is that extra $7 million – or 13% that important? Good investments can make up that extra percentage for you.

And there’s a downside to signing with the Leafs.

You’ll be playing short seasons and have an extra month or two – every year – to spend that money in. What with wives, kids and all, you’ll go in the hole….

Sign with the Canucks, Daniel. It’s the best thing for you to do.


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