by Ron Spence

It’s been a week of briefs.

Wayne Gretzky has agreed to give a deposition to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court concerning his shares in the Phoenix Coyotes.

And Glendale is filling a barrage of briefs to defend its interests in the Coyotes’ bankruptcy case.

Further north the B.C. Supreme court upheld the ruling of a B.C. court that no partnership agreement existed with regards to purchasing the Vancouver Canucks.

And in the eastern U.S. there was a furor over briefs in Massachusetts.

A judge in Quincy District Court ordered former Hab Chris Nilan to pay $100 in court costs and not to return to  a Lord & Taylor store.

Nilan has been caught leaving the store while wearing his briefs under a bathing suit that he hadn’t paid for.

“I just wanted to save a few bucks,” he reportedly told police.

Those filing briefs in Arizona and British Columbia hadn’t been trying to “save a few bucks.”

Money was no object.

Hockey Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur offered to testify as to Nilan’s good character.


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