by Ron Spence

“Assistant general manager Jim Nill said the Wings would try to sit down with Lidstrom during training camp to begin talking about a new contract,” wrote the Free Press.

I’d like to know what they’ll talk about.

This year’s salary cap is $56.8 million, and if it falls 15% – as they claim it might do – the 2010-11 cap will be $48.28 million.

If you look at the spreadsheet below: without Nichlas Lidstrom re-signed, Detroit will be paying $44,425 for just 13 players in 2010-11.


And with Lidstrom making $7 million, Detroit would be paying $51,425 – for 14 players.

Thus, the Red Wings would be over the cap by $3 million plus, and still need  to sign 11 players – for at least the $500,000 minimum salary.

The Detroit Red Wings can’t afford to re-sign Nicklas Lidstrom.

They would have two $6 million, and two $7 million players on their roster.  This would be $27.45 – or 57 % of their 2010-11 salary budget.

Ken Holland will have to trade Brian Rafalski or Johan Franzen to make room for the Norris winner.


Please note that the last spreadsheet column is Detroit’s payroll with Nichlas Lidstrom, and the 2nd to last is without him on their roster.



  1. There’s two schools of thought…one the cap will fall…the 2nd, the cap will stay about the same. Either way, there will be lots of teams in trouble. Calgary, Detroit, SJ and Chicago in the west. Boston, Pittsburgh, NYR and Philly in the east. And the CBA will be renegotiated after that. The Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” has never seemed more apt.

  2. Yes Dawg – two schools of thought.
    The Conference Board of Canada has Brian Burke like optimism.
    Sources that I am reading in the U.S. are saying that we aren’t close to hitting the bottom yet.
    I’ve got a couple of people in my family laid off already.
    I’m not optimistic about the economy and thus think that the cap will decrease.

  3. I don’t think Lidstrom is above taking a pay cut to stay in Detroit either.

  4. I agree that Nick isn’t particularly greedy, but don’t believe that he will take less money than Rafalski.

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