by Ron Spence

The Stanley Cup is still making its rounds and everything imaginable has been dumped/put into the Cup.

One of my favourite stories concerns the 1940 Stanley Cup, won by the New York Rangers.

According to legend/urban myth, the Madison Square Gardens Corporation burned their mortgage in the bowl of the Cup and this started their curse. Finally, the Rangers won another Cup in 1994 and the curse ended –  44 years later.

Tampa Bay will neither burn their mortgage, nor win the Cup again, according to the Curse of CrashingtheGoalie.

The other Cup story that I get a kick out of, concerns Chris Chelios.

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott set the Stanley Cup upside down on the stage during “NHL Face-Off Rocks” show at the Fox Theatre.

“Someone should have drove that guy, he did that on purpose,” Cheli said on  JJ & Lynne on WCSX-FM (94.7).

“You think he did it on purpose?” J.J. asked.

“No, we know he did … we talked to people at the show and the guy was being real rude to everybody,” Chelios answered. “He was in a bad mood when they got there, so for whatever reason he didn’t want to be there. And that’s his way of showing it and taking it out on the NHL…Darren McCarty didn’t really get a chance to see it, I guess he was going off the stage when it happened. And you know, (Kyle) Quincey was the only one that said he would have done something to him.”

“Do you think Quincey would have really popped him?” Lynne asked.

“No I don’t know if he would have popped him, but he could have gave him a good shove.”


It seems that you can put anything in the Cup – when you’ve won it – but put it upside down – when you haven’t – and all hell breaks loose.

Chris Chelios has now placed a curse on Def Leppard and Def Leppard have placed a curse on Chelios.

Def Leppard is currently touring 41 US cities – plus Toronto – this summer with Poison and Cheap Trick.

Chelios is hanging out with Team U.S.A. and hoping to play in Toronto – or Russia.

Remember Chris, Hate Bites.


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