by Ron Spence

1. Who – of the 2009-10 NHL coaches – has the lowest winning percentage for the regular season?

2. Which current and former coaches have the highest winning percentage (Excluding Cap Raeder who coached one NHL game in 2003, when the Sharks won.) during the regular season?

3. Who are the two current NHL coaches tied with the best winning percentage during the post-season?

4. Which modern era coach has the best winning percentage during the post-season.

1. Scott Gordon of the Islanders has a winning percentage of .372, with a 26-47 win vs. loss record.

2. Dan Bylsma and Barry Smith are tied at .800. The Pittsburgh coach took over the Penguins’ helm and they went 18-3-4. Barry Smith coached 5 games in 1999 and Detroit went 4-1.

3. The two Stanley Cup finalist coaches are tied at .652 in the post-season. Mike Babcock’s record is 58-31 and Blysma’s 15-8.

4. Glen Sather coached the NHL Oilers from 1980-1994 and has a .705 winning percentage – 89 wins and 37 losses (His WHA Oilers’ record is .348 – 8 W vs. 15 losses.).

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