by Ron Spence

Alexander Ovechkin is earning $9,000,000 this season.

This is in contrast to a number of NHLers who are earning the league’s minimum salary – $500,000.

All of the 715 players listed by can afford a cell phone.

And yet, the NHLPA has difficulty electronically assembling their membership to vote – or discuss problems.

This is just one of the numerous difficulties that the players currently face.

The following is my summary included in The Fischler Report:


A thorough review – plus a new constitution and infrastructure – should assure the players that their organization represents them in a competent manner.

One response to “REVAMPING THE NHLPA

  1. Excellent, Ron. Like I said a month or so ago: any time you have the names of Eric Lindros and Buzz Hargrove floating around you know that a knife has been struck. In somebody’s back.

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