by Ron Spence

In their defense, the Canucks had a five day layoff and were facing one of the NHL’s best defenses.

But still, they looked really bad for most of the game.

I wanted to note a few points based on the past two contests.

Kevin Bieksa has been terrible.

Aaron Rome didn’t have the game that he wanted – was -3 – mainly because he wasn’t moving fast enough. In a game of time and space, he was playing at an AHL level. But, I know that he has a 6th Dman’s skills and speed and just has to uptempo his game. He doesn’t concern me.

Alex Edler – -2 – improves and then levels off. That’s his learning curve and his game against Calgary wasn’t a move upwards.

Willie Mitchell was playing his usual game, but was better against Dallas than Calgary.

Christian Ehrhoff is playing better than I thought he would – based on comments from San Jose after he was traded.

Shane O’Brien hasn’t improved his game from last season to this campaign. However, in a rough game he didn’t retaliate, which is a positive sign.

Vancouver misses my man Mattias, and Sami Salo.

And Henrik, who had 2 points last night – and was plus 2 – misses Daniel. It would have been a different game had both the twins been playing.

Alex Burrows has to give his head a shake. He had mental lapses in both the Dallas and Calgary games.

Both Steve Bernier and Mason Raymond had moments when they were playing well, but didn’t sustain.

Kyle Wellwood has really impressed me in his own end. He will get his offense going soon.

I liked what I saw of Michael Grabner. He was tentative but didn’t look out of place.

Is Ryan Kesler injured?

Mikael Samuelsson has played like a pro – even, game in and game out.

Roberto disturbs me, based on the occasional lapses that I have seen over the past three or four seasons.

He has had two so so games in this young season. He can forget about a spot in the Olympics.

I think that Mike Gillis has to re-evaluate his fourth line.

In two games against Calgary – this season – they were soundly beaten by their opponents. Hordichuk and Tanner Glass were -2 last night.

It’s my hope that Matt Pettinger plays well in Manitoba and can be signed for the minimum and replace Glass who is clearly an AHL player.

To me, the plus from the Calgary game was that Andrew Raycroft had his second outing as a Canuck and I thought that he played well. Confidence is what he needs, and Roberto’s play has given him some ice time.


3 responses to “VS. CALGARY

  1. Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron……..You make this team sound like a bunch of guys who will one day play in the NHL. We keep expecting teams like we were used to seeing in years past. The current trend is to once removed Juniors who race around like the current blackhawks (excitement) and as you said much cheaper. We are back to the middle lower tier in that respect and about to burn out a goalie by expecting him to carry us for a second year.


  2. That’s depressing.

  3. Well, hard to be positive after such a crap they’ve been showing. As Gored said, I thought we had so much depth…a couple of injuries and we are playing like pretenders. The best hope that we have is that there is still time to turn this around. At this point it is about character and leadership.

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