“In the old Montreal Forum days,” Ryan Walter said, “it was a small room, you couldn’t believe how small that [dressing] room was.”

“The one thing I think misses with the big dressing rooms is that intimacy…” Walter continued. “So round dressing room, smaller space, more intimate.”


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The Vancouver Canucks spared no expense when designing and constructing the home team’s new dressing room.

It’s a beautiful new state of the art room designed to bring the team together.


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The Detroit Red Wings don’t have a circular dressing room, but they stress their team’s heritage.


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Pictures of Red Wings from the past have been placed above the players’ cubicles.


There are also replicas of Stanley Cups that Detroit has won in past years.


Hall of Fame plaques are placed out in the hallways.


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The nucks’ and Red Wings’ dressing rooms differ in style, but both try to bring out the best in their players – using the elements of intimacy and team pride.

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