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by Ron Spence

We all know how unpopular – hated – Todd Bertuzzi is in Colorado.

But, why would his uncle Larry be so popular – almost revered  in some quarters?

It goes back to sixteen years ago.

The Nordiques must have thought that they were operating under some creative form of Napoleonic Law.

They reasoned that they could sign two contracts in one day, and then pick which one they wanted to keep.

They traded disgruntled draft pick Eric Lindros to the New York Rangers for: Doug Weight, Tony Amonte, Alexei Kovalev, John Vanbiesbrouck and three First Round Draft Picks – in 1993, 1994, and 1995.

Plus, Quebec would get $12 million thrown in for good measure.

From the Flyers, they were to receive: Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, Mike Ricci, Kerry Huffman, Steve Duchesne and Peter Forsberg.

And, they would receive First Round Draft Picks for 1993 and 1994, plus $15 million.

The Nordiques preferred the Philadelphia offer, and the NHL’s appointed arbitrator, Larry Bertuzzi agreed with them, and Lindros became a Philadelphia Flyer.

The Nordiques moved to Colorado three years later, and won eight divisional titles, and two Stanley Cups.

Many argue that the Lindros trade – plus the later acquisition of Patrick Roy – were the keys to Colorado’s success.

And thus, is Larry Bertuzzi popular among many in Colorado.

His grand-nephew, however, isn’t.


by Ron Spence



The boring people select chairs. They sit and watch games while eating their wife’s homemade popcorn. They have maybe one beer, two if their team gets to the Stanley Cup finals. Unfortunately, the guys sitting on the Montreal chairs will probably be drinking lots of beer this season.

The people who wander a little closer to the edge fork out for more daring items.

Brian Helm, a chef from St. Augustine, Florida takes no prisoners.

Over a urinal in the Men’s Room of his restaurant, is the caption: “I wanted a Pittsburgh Steelers bar, but this is what I got.”

His Steel Curtain biffy stands below Superbowl memorabilia.


You too can have your own jock biffy.

Next spring they will be auctioning off parts of the Wachovia Spectrum, before the implosion takes place. Rumours that the Broad St. Bullies will be showing up with sledge hammers are just that – rumours.

There will of course be seats – or benches – for those of you who are boring.

But, more important, there will be: two penalty box doors, plus doors from both the Home and Visitors’ benches.

Myself, I would like the door to the Flyers’ Coaches room. I was a big fan of both Fred Shero and Pat Quinn. I know Bob MacCammon, now a Detroit scout who attends games at GM Place, and have enjoyed talking to Ken Hitchcock, Roger Neilson and Terry Simpson.

A new door to my office would be great.



There will be the parts from the old kiosks, where they sold hot dogs and beers – great for the family room.

My second preference – if I lived in Philly – would be a window from the GM’s office.

I would stand and look out my new window, and wonder what Russ Farwell was thinking when he structured the Lindros trade.

To get Lindros, he gave up: Steve Duchesne, Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Kerry Huffman, Mike Ricci and Chris Simon.

And then he threw in two first round draft picks and $15 million bucks to boot.

Sure, Philadelphia improved after the trade, but they could have gotten a lot better had they kept those players and hired a different coach.

Just keeping Forsberg alone would have been better than Eric.

As it was, Philadelphia would pay Forsberg $11.5 million over two years – 2005 until 2007 – at the same time that Toronto signed Lindros to a $1.55 million, one year contract.

Of course, I won’t be looking for any Rocky sports memorabilia in the old Spectrum. The arena was just set up for Establishing Shots, but the two Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed movies were actually filmed in Los Angeles.

Something I will bid on – and can have shipped out to the West Coast – will be the mirror from the GM’s bathroom.

I will stare into it and ask, “Bobby, what did you see? And what were you thinking?”



The Shibe Park stadium hit the dust – old school, wrecker and balls, etc. – in 1976.

In 2009 they will be blowing up the Spectrum. Hopefully you will have part of it in your home beforehand.


If you really want to enjoy yourself, read the DEMOLITION FORUM WEBSITE below.

Now, those guys know how to have a good time.