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by Ron Spence

The Canucks have been an NHL team for some 38 seasons.

During a third of the franchise’s history, they had a treadmill of captains.

One season, 1974-75, they were without a captain. In 1990-91, their three captains were Dan Quinn, Doug Lidster and Trevor Linden. Andre Boudrias (1975-76) and Chris Oddleifson (1976-77) wore “the C” for one season. Don Lever was captain for two campaigns (1977-79), Messier for three seasons (1997-2000), and Orland Kurtenbach (1970-74) for four seasons.

Of the three remaining captains – Stan Smyl, Trevor Linden, and Markus Naslund – whose captaincy was of the longest duration?

No, it’s not Trevor Linden. He was the captain for only six years (1991-97), and then gave up the captaincy to Mark Messier.

The answer is Stan Smyl.

Had I written – Who was the Captain for the most seasons, it would have technically been a tie. Both the Steamer (1982-90) and Markus (2000-2008) were captains for eight seasons.

But, Stan wore “the C” for more games. Markus was captain for eight seasons, but one of them was during the lockout year.

Also, Smyl wore “the C” for the 1982 run for the Stanley Cup – before he had been named the Canucks’ captain (In the spring of 1982, Kevin McCarthy had broken his ankle, and Number 14 had assumed his position.).

And, of Stan Smyl’s eight years, he was the captain for the full twelve months – handing over “the C” to Quinn, Lidster, and Linden just before the following season began.

Markus, on the other hand, became the captain on September 15, 2000, and gave it up when he signed with the Rangers this past July.